about us

albie swingler


Albie has worked in documentaries for broadcast TV, independent feature film and podcasts for the last five years. He has pitched, developed and produced content for a range of channels and streamers, including BBC, BFI, Channel 4, Netflix, A24, Prime Video and Apple TV.

Most recently, Albie worked as Co-Producer on Cherish Oteka’s feature debut Gay Games (BFI Doc Society), an observational documentary about an international LGBTQ+ sporting event, which he helped cast and assisted editorially on location in Mexico. 

Albie’s experience as a documentary producer gives him an awareness of the documentary making process and the importance of connecting with audiences. Having worked closely with a range of talented directors from around the world, he is keen to use his producing skills to make sure that documentaries are being engaged with in the right ways.

funmibi ogunlesi


Funmibi specialises in framing and narrative work. She works with campaigners, spokespeople and coalitions of activist groups and organisations to develop powerful messaging about social justice issues. She is interested in how the words we use can change how people think and feel about key issues we face today from climate justice to racist policing to justice for trans people. 

She’s keen to use her work in UK social justice to support filmmakers in using their film in campaigning spaces. She is interested in using her framing and messaging expertise to support filmmakers to use their documentaries to shift public thinking.

georgia edwards


Georgia works with activists, filmmakers and broadcasters. At WITNESS she supports the use of film and video documentation in community-led accountability processes to defend human rights violations.

Previously, she worked with Airwars’ public audiovisual archive on impact projects, alongside pursuing open-source research into allegations of civilian harm by the US, UK and other states’ militaries. 

She is also interested in developing independent community media, radio, and archives, having supported building Noods Radio and community programme, Noods Levels, and as a current director of the investigative co-op, the Bristol Cable.